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I guess you could say that I’m an old school photographer with new and modern tools.


Born and raised in the Eastern Townships in Québec, I now live in suburbs of Montreal.


I was about 8 when my grandmother gave me an old Kodak Hawkeye, what a cool object I thought then. The idea of capturing a moment in time on film intrigued me, and after shooting one roll of film, I was hooked for life ! Ever since then I have been fascinated with cameras and photography. 


Later, I ended up studying graphic arts in Montreal, more specifically in photomechanical reproduction.

I was trained to be a lab technician and a specialist in document and photographic reproduction for the printing industry. During which I gained a solid technical background in photographic application and process. 


This technical background has been an important influence on my approach and my work.

I have a very systematic and technical approach when I shoot. Precision is very important for me.

My goal is to create sharp and crisp images of my subject. 


On the artistic side of thing, I have to admit that I am more of a technician than an artist.

I have struggle for years with my creative side and even today my creative process is not always easy.


I have many interests and for years I have been shooting landscape and architecture. 

I also have a taste for old stuff ! Rust, old paint and old houses attract me. I love textures, contrasting colours and tones.




I started shooting cars in May 2011. Searching for new subjects I found myself at my very first car show. Since then I have been exploring different aspect of the car world and car culture. 

My experimentations and explorations has got me a long way since, shooting in scrapyards and on race tracks, I am now a regular contributor to Adrenaline Classic Plus Magazine. 


A Minimalist Approach 


I have a tendency to shoot tight , very tight, going at a car show and shooting in a visually intense  and hostile environment, I have adapted my style. I shoot close to the subject capturing the bare essential, resulting in a minimalist type image. This approach can be challenging at times but I find it extremely rewarding. 




Automobilia is a showcase of my vision and explorations. 

Feel free to drop a line and inquire on my prints and frames.


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